Unlocking cold plasma’s potential

to transform global health and quality of life

Who We Are

At EP Technologies, we are inspired by cold plasma’s potential to benefit the world. We push the boundaries of drug and cosmetic delivery, using plasma innovation to make unimagined treatments possible and existing treatments better for patients. We cultivate an interdisciplinary team with the specialized expertise, IP acumen, and commercial insights to make us valuable collaborators. We customize cold plasma solutions to benefit strategic partners, clinicians, and patients.


EPT is reinventing drug and cosmetic formulation delivery by developing advanced plasma technology to create uniquely safe and efficacious treatments.

What We Do

EPT is developing a needleless, painless drug and cosmetic delivery platform. We are experts in tuning plasma systems to deliver specific formulations into the skin or bloodstream for select applications. We identify partners with products that can be differentiated by plasma-enhanced delivery, and work together to create value for both parties. We seek strategic licensing and co-development arrangements to collaborate on regulatory approval, manufacturing and marketing of a customized combination product.

Initial Markets:

  • Delivery of aesthetic formulations into the skin
  • Delivery of biologics or other therapeutics into the skin for skin disease